Under Armour, App breach affects 150 million customers

A breach in a database of MyFitnessPal exposes information about 150 million users.
We all know that tracking your fitness goals is good for you, but now this good habit can be worrying too if hackers expose the information from your fitness tracker. A couple of days ago hackers managed to make a cybersecurity breach on Under Armour that affects 150 million user accounts from the MyFitnessPal app.

The company behind the app has declared soon after the cyber attack that they have seen no evidence that any of the affected accounts have been logged into by an unauthorized user or that any illegal login attempts have been made. In an email to those affected they suggest that all MyFitnessPal users immediately change their passwords, a step that will ultimately be required for all users.

On 25 February Under Armour became aware that someone had gained access to their network and now can see usernames, email addresses, and hashed passwords for all their users. Under Armour stated that no Social Security numbers were seen because they don’t collect them, and no credit card numbers were stolen because that information is stored in a different system.
Under Armour says that they do not know the hacker’s identity, though they are continuing to work with law enforcement agencies on the investigation.

To stay protected, we strongly advise users to do the following:
• Always change password frequently on all your accounts.
• Pay close attention to security issues and react fast
• Install of antivirus for Windows or antivirus for Mac, depending on which version of OS your devices run
• If you are a company that is using IoT devices, check your network integrity by running various tests like penetration test and ethical hacking tests at least once a year.