The Russian government wants to block Telegram

Russian communications regulator’s fight to block the Telegram encrypted messaging application intensifies.
Telegram has been taking long fighting with the Roskomnadzor. Roskomnadzor is the Russian federal agency tasked with overseeing that the media, telecoms and other mass communications providers comply with existing laws and adequately protect the confidentiality of personal data being processed – every step of the way.

Roskomnadzor first move was to force Telegram to store all Russian users’ data in data centers around Russia along with users’ chat histories, and encryption keys that Russian authorities demand on.
Remember that Telegram is also used by hackers to control or spread their malware software.

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At first, Telegram agreed to avoid a local ban but then refused to hand over the encryption keys.
For that, the Russian supreme court ruled last month that Telegram has to give up their encryption keys to state authorities and give it 15 days to comply.
The deadline passed without Telegram making a move and now the Russian government has now taken the legal procedures to block the app in the country.

Telegram’s lawyer Pavel Chikov said that the government’s “requirements to provide access to private conversations of users are unconstitutional, baseless, which cannot be fulfilled technically and legally.”
He also told that Telegram is ready to consider any other alternatives to giving up its encryption keys.
Telegram’s full country blocking will require the cooperation of all Russia’s Internet service providers, who will have to block access to the Telegram IP addresses for users inside Russia. In this case, VPNs will not be a solution because Russia has been cracking down them too.

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