The newly discovered iPhone cyberattack has been affecting Android and Windows users too

Security advice:

Cybersecurity experts warn that the significant hack of iPhones also impacted Android smartphones and Windows computers, as well.

Today’s report shows that Windows and Android devices were also on the hackers’ target list.

The targeting of Windows and Android shouldn’t be surprising, researchers say. 

This kind of behavior makes a lot of sense because hackers aways want to target as many users as possible.

For the moment, this new report is being taken seriously by all the companies involved: Google, Microsoft, Apple.

Remember everything can be hacked. Therefore, you are strongly advised to always keep a good antivirus app on your Mac, like Antivirus CB from AppStore, on every device that you own. This can detect and block such malicious activities before they can infect your device. 

These cyberattack victims were infected with spyware as soon as they opened a malicious link.

This malicious link was distributed through multiple infected domains that were indexed by Google search which made them very easy to find. Now after the FBI prompted Google to delist them, they can no longer be found through Google Search.

Another good news about this case is that about the iPhone vulnerabilities, all of them have been fixed and now Apple’s is preparing to deploy new patches with the fixes. 

Bad news for Android or Windows devices that were involved, because the patching timeline becomes less certain, updates might be optional and slow to appear.

Adding to this bad news is the problem of software companies that write spyware for a living selling their tools to intelligence services, countries and, controversially, commercial companies.

Experts say that this kind of cyberattacks can be contained but not easily stopped. Nowadays hackers can rely on many tools that exploit a large array of flaws, meaning that everyone is exposed more easily at risk.

Security advice:

  1. as soon as the new Apple OS updates are released install them immediately 
  2. Android and Widows should make the same move when new security patches will be available 

We would continue to monitor the cybersecurity world. Meanwhile, users should keep a keen eye out for any cyber-attacks. Remember to use antivirus for Mac like Antivirus CB which can be found on AppStore to try for free.