Teen who hacked Ex-CIA Director John Brennan will stay two years in a state penitentiary

A judge sentenced the British teenager who was part of the hacking group Crackas With Attitude in London. He is famous for hacking into the online accounts of former CIA director John Brennan, former director of intelligence James Clapper, and other high-profile US government employees.
Between 2015 and 2016, 15-year-old Kane Gamble, also known as Cracka, was the leader of a hacking group calling themselves Crackas With Attitude or CWA. The group hacked into Brennan’s AOL email account, Clapper’s internet provider account, and others, including a White House official.

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Gamble was arrested in February of 2016, and he pleaded guilty to ten hacking charges in October of last year.
Now 18 years old Gamble was finally sentenced, a judge ruled that he will have to spend two years at a youth detention center.
Gamble conducted an extremely nasty campaign of politically-motivated cyber terrorism, his group’s modus operandi was to use social engineering to convince support workers of internet and phone providers to reset the victim’s passwords and give them access to their accounts. Then the hackers would prank and harass the victims, and subsequently brag about the hacks on Twitter and with reporters.

The hackers also targeted FBI’s executive assistant Amy Hess, getting into her ISP’s account. At that time, the Cracka and his associates downloaded the movie Hackers, V for Vendetta and a porn film onto Hess’s digital recorder.
CWA also obtained sensitive documents and even accessed and then published the contact information of thousands of federal and local law enforcement agents.
In a recent interview, Gamble declared he was busy with school, spending time with his mom, and working to find and report vulnerabilities in websites as a white hat hacker.
In February this year, Gamble reported a bug on a T-Mobile website that could have allowed hackers to gain control of customers’ accounts. The company rewarded him with $5,000 for discovering this flaw.

British security researchers criticized the judge’s decision on Twitter.
Mustafa Al-Bassam, a former hacker for the group LulzSec, said this was “an unprecedented ruling, considering that no under 18 has ever served a custodial sentence in the UK for hacking.”
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