Security software developer Solebit strikes an $88m deal

Mimecast has acquired Solebit for $88 million. All because Solebit has developed a signatureless way to detect cyber threats without the need for sandboxing.
San Francisco-based Solebit takes a different approach to modern cyber threats. The firm’s software is developed in order to detect cyber attacks and suspicious behavior without the need for signatures or sandboxing.
Solebit’s brand new and innovative technology scans content in real-time as it enters in a company’s system in order to detect malicious code within active content and data files. The firm’s solutions have already been integrated into Mimecast threat protection products.
Companies and individual people must take certain precautions against this growing phenomenon of cyber attacks; for that they should implement at least a cybersecurity solution, like an antivirus, to protect their systems. Necessary things like regularly updating operating systems, using antivirus for Windows or antivirus for Mac depending on which OS your device is using. Companies must also hire professional cybersecurity firms to do regular checkups to their internal network a couple of times per year. These checkups must always include a penetration test and various ethical hacking test.
The old cybersecurity methods like signature-based antivirus and sandbox detonation are too limited when it comes to today’s new and advanced cyber threats. For now, Solebit remains a unique company that helps and offer customers a new approach that fundamentally improves their cybersecurity and resilience efficacy in the most efficient way on the market.
This acquisition was made to build a cybersecurity training and awareness platform designed to tweak the behavior of enterprise employees.
These new training modules are sent to employees on a monthly basis in digestible chunks to gradually improve skill and knowledge regarding cybersecurity awareness, which, over time, should reduce the risk of successful attacks on the various companies.
We must say that every device has a significant value that must be protected by at least cybersecurity solution like an antivirus. Depending on which OS your device is running, install an antivirus for Windows or antivirus for Mac for total protection. Companies must take an extra step and hire a professional cybersecurity firm that will run various cybersecurity tests on your company’s network to implement only the best possible cybersecurity solution. Always opt for a package that includes at least a penetration test and ethical hacking test. For companies that exist 100% online, we recommend the using of cyber-secured web hosting services.