Pentesting the future of every company cybersecurity

What is penetration testing?
Penetration testing involves multiple penetration tests that are a series of ethical hacking attacks on IT systems. All of them are done to identify cybersecurity problems or vulnerabilities. As a result, a company or an individual can get a bright idea of the cybersecurity dangers to are affecting their systems and how well their cybersecurity solution works.
Penetration tests help us to determine the chances of a successful attack and identify cybersecurity problems. They also can locate other cybersecurity problems that are impossible to find with an electronic network or specific software like an antivirus.

How to perform penetration testing?
Pentests, classified according to the type of information you have about the system.
Whitebox pentests are done when everything is known about a system like application or architecture, and Blackbox pentesting is done when there is no information about the target.
Depending on what a client wants, it is necessary to choose between different pentesting methods. This choice will be determined by the characteristics of the system and by the external requirements on the client. Techniques used include ISSAF, PCI, PTF, PTES, OWASP, and OSSTMM, among others.

Which method to choose?
According to cybersecurity solution offering companies, the best two types of pentesting are PTES and OWASP, due to the way these methods are structured. The Penetration Testing Execution Standard or PTES represent a model in training manuals for pentesting frameworks such as Rapid7’s Metasploit.
The Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual or OSSTMM is another method that has now become a standard.
These tests are not particularly innovative. They represent one of the first approaches to a universal structure of the concept of cybersecurity.
Other tests like the Information Systems Security Assessment Framework or ISSAF organizes data around evaluation criteria, all drawn up and reviewed by experts in each area of cybersecurity application.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS represents another test that serves as a guide for companies that process, store and transmit cardholder data. It was under this standard that PCI pentesting was designed.
The real number of methods and frameworks is extensive and varied. Choosing between them will depend on understanding the needs of your company and knowing the required security standards. By doing it correctly, every client will be protecting their systems much more efficiently, knowing in advance where and how they can fail.

Penetration testing is vital for every company that wants to implement only the best cybersecurity solution. Now days protecting a system with an antivirus for Mac
or antivirus for Windows, depending on which OS the system use, it represents only the first line of defense, and other ethical hacking tests are required to develop a full and robust cybersecurity solution.