North Korea says that NHS and Sony hack suspect ‘doesn’t exist’

The FBI has a ‘wanted’ poster for a man that North Korea says he doesn’t exist
According to the North Korean authorities, the man charged with hacking Sony Pictures in 2014 is a “non-existent” individual and warned the US that their accusation could have a negative effect on relations between the two countries.

Park Jin-hyok was charged by the US Justice Department on 6 September for conspiring in “multiple destructive cyber-attacks around the world, including the 2014 attack on Sony Pictures and the attack on UK’s National Health Service in 2017.

Mr. Park was also added by the US Treasury Department on its list of sanctioned individuals.
Park Jin-hyok is linked to Lab 110, one of the North Korean government’s hacking organizations, also known as the Lazarus Group.
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North Korea is accused of hacking Sony Pictures in 2014 for releasing the film: The Interview which, among other things, contained a portrayal of a naked Kim Jong-un.

North Corea said Mr. Park “is a non-existent entity, and furthermore, the act of cyber crimes mentioned by the Justice Department has nothing to do with us”.
It also said the US was “misleading the public opinion… by forcibly linking the non-existent ‘offender’ and his so-called cyber crimes with our state organs”.

But despite the North Korean claims that Mr. Park does not exist, the FBI has circulated a wanted poster with a photograph of the man they wish to question.

North Korea retaliates back!
The North Korean Foreign Ministry also criticised America’s own actions in cyberspace, saying Washington has a long record of questionable behavior when it comes to hacking and espionage.
Most likely Mr. Park will never face justice in a US court. North Korea is the prime suspect for a number of malicious acts, including the theft of $81m from a Bangladesh bank, as well as attacks on South Korean virtual currency exchanges.

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