New Orangeworm attack targets the healthcare sector in the U.S., Europe, and Asia

Cybersecurity researchers have identified a previously unknown group called Orangeworm that has been observed installing a custom backdoor called Trojan.Kwampirs. They have targeted large international corporations that operate within the healthcare sector in the United States, Europe, and Asia.
Their first appearance was in January 2015, Orangeworm has also conducted targeted attacks against companies located in related healthcare industries, as part of a broader supply-chain attack to reach their intended victims.

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Known victims include healthcare providers, pharmaceuticals, IT solution providers for healthcare and equipment manufacturers that serve the healthcare industry.

According to cybersecurity researchers, the purpose of this attacks was corporate espionage.
Almost 40% of Orangeworm’s confirmed victim companies operate within the healthcare industry. The Kwampirs malware was found on devices which had a software installed for the use and control of high-tech imaging devices such as X-Ray and MRI machines. Additionally, Orangeworm was observed to have an interest in devices used to assist patients in completing consent forms for required procedures.

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