Nearly 40% of the companies don’t have a cybersecurity expert

Despite the fact that cyber threats have increased with 95% over the last three years, only 65% of the companies currently have a cybersecurity expert. This fact also reveals that skills cyber attacks continue to plague companies.
The cybersecurity survey gathered data from 3,160 CIO from major industries that operates across 98 countries. The survey found that cybersecurity remains a source of deep concern for companies. Many cybercriminals operate in new and sophisticated ways that companies are still struggling to anticipate.
25%t of survey participants indicate that their company has already invested in and deployed some aspect of digital cybersecurity, while an additional 36% are actively experimenting or planning to implement in the short term.
Companies and individual people must take certain precautions against this growing phenomenon of cyber attacks; for that they should implement at least a cybersecurity solution, like an antivirus, to protect their systems. Necessary things like regularly updating operating systems, using antivirus for Windows or antivirus for Mac depending on which OS your device is using. Companies must also hire professional cybersecurity firms to do regular checkups to their internal network a couple of times per year. These checkups must always include a penetration test and various ethical hacking test.
Keep în mind that taking a risk-based approach is imperative; if you are just raising budgets alone the risk posture wouldn’t be improved. Security investments must be prioritized by business outcomes to ensure the right amount is spent on the right things.
Many CIOs puts on the 1st place the growth and market share. This approach is very understandable because growth often means more diverse supplier networks; different ways of working, funding models and patterns of technology investing; as well as different products, services and channels to support. The bad news here is that cybersecurity threats will affect more enterprises in more diverse ways that are difficult to anticipate.
The survey also found that 93 percent of CIOs say that digital business has enabled them to lead IT companies that are adaptable and open to change. To the benefit from this cybersecurity must not be considered a top inhibitor to innovation anymore.
We recommend that CIOs have to continue to build a bench strength through innovative approaches.
Also, remember that every device has a significant value that must be protected by at least cybersecurity solution like an antivirus. Depending on which OS your device is running, install an antivirus for Windows or antivirus for Mac for total protection. Companies must take an extra step and hire a professional cybersecurity firm that will run various cybersecurity tests on your company’s network to implement only the best possible cybersecurity solution. Always opt for a package that includes at least a penetration test and ethical hacking test. For companies that exist 100% online, we recommend the using of cyber-secured web hosting services.