Mobile Ad Trojans Evolve to Maximize Profits

Mobile advertising Trojans are using new monetization schemes that involve paid SMS and WAP-billing services to preserve and increase profits.
These Trojans represent a new cybersecurity problem; if they obtain root privileges, they can secretly install various applications or bombard an infected device with ads to make use of the smartphone impossible. They are also incredibly difficult to remove! Don’t think for a second that these Trojans are easy to remove like in the case of Windows or macOS malware that can be easily detected and removed by a sharp cybersecurity solution like an antivirus for Windows or antivirus for Mac.

We have discovered new modifications of advertising Trojans that were not exploiting root access vulnerabilities to show ads but were instead leveraging other methods, such as taking advantage of premium SMS services. For example, two Trojans belonging to a malware family that has such functionality were downloaded dozens of thousands of times from the Google Play Store.
We also recorded an increased number of mobile Trojan clickers that are stealing money from Android users through WAP-billing – a type of direct mobile payment that does not require registration. Also, some of the WAP-clickers have incorporated modules for cryptocurrency mining.

The ransomware epidemics hit Android trough 544,107 installations of ransomware Trojans last year, which represent twice the number detected in 2016. The most prolific malware is the one from Congur Trojan family with 83% of all installed packages in 2017 – a blocker that sets or resets a device‚Äôs PIN We also found that banking Trojan families, Svpeng and Faketoken, now have mobile ransomware capabilities that are used to encrypt victim’s files.

In 2017 alone, we reported 42.7 million attempted attacks by mobile malware; 94,368 mobile banking Trojans; 5,730,916 installation packages for mobile Trojans and 110,184 unique users targeted by mobile ransomware.
Iran (57.25%), Bangladesh (42.76%) and Indonesia (41.14%) are top three countries attacked by mobile malware last year.
Always choose a top cybersecurity solution for your device. Only by installing a reliable antivirus for Android your mobile device an mobile data will be adequately protected. Also, don’t forget you can easily get infected by connecting your phone to an unprotected device like a PC or a Mac so opt for an antivirus for Windows or antivirus for Mac, and you will be problems free regarding cybersecurity.