London’s Gatwick airport drones incident full update

Update on London’s Gatwick drones incident: 20 police units from two forces were hunting down the drone operator during the crisis.
Initially, two drones had been spotted by airport staff over the runway. Soon after the initial contact, another drone had been discovered.
Shooting the drones down was never an option because of what may happen to the stray bullets.

During the incident, 2,000 people have been unable to take off, and for some reason, only the robot voice was allowed to use the tannoy; airline staff instead, had to yell updates from the info desks.
Basically, the drone attack made that anything scheduled after 8 am to be canceled.

At first, the runway was closed on 21:00 on Wednesday night, trapping thousands of people in the terminals that were waiting for a direct, or a connecting flight.
Around 03:01 the airfield was opened briefly at but about 44 minutes later was sealed off again due to a further drones surveillance.
Then the airport said that it is working with the Sussex police and wouldn’t reopen the runway until it is safe to do so.

Sussex police have called the drone disruption a deliberate act of madness, but also said that there are no indications to suggest this is terror-related.
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After many hours of waiting passengers have been turned back from the gates again. Because at 11:20 UTC Eurocontrol extended the closure until 14:00 UK time, but just 20 minutes later, it sent out an update saying the closure would remain in place until 16:00 UTC.

The airport management also said that the ongoing drone activity around the airfield has kept all flights suspended from Gatwick. The significant disruption was the result of what appears to be a deliberate attempt to disrupt flights.

Sussex cops have assured the public that the drone pic it used in a previous tweet, a Shutterstock image of a drone quadcopter with a digital camera, was not the device being haunted. The Gatwick devices used are of an industrial specification.
At 16:00 UTC Gatwick airfield is remained closed and Sussex cops requested help from the Army.

Meaning that flights have been suspended for over 19 hours.
The Gatwick crisis ended at 0700 on the morning of Friday 21 December.
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