Full Cybersecurity report about cyber threats of 2017

2017 was a hell of a year regarding cyber attacks with WannaCry ransomware attack followed by the assault were nearly 145 million Americans personal info have been stoled from Equifax in September.
After a couple of months, there were multiple coordinated attacks with BadRabbit against companies from Russia and Ukraine.
Our cybersecurity team is releasing its most complex report about cyber threats from 2017, upon publishing this report our squad gathered and analyzed data from 250 million addresses for bot discovery, 12 million malware signatures and around 6 million infected sites.

The most prolific malware type from 2017 is crypto coin miner. The use of this kind of malware has spiked in the second half of 2017. Many sites, companies, and cybercriminals have been taking advantage of them! Most of the times nearly half of the CPU power was used form every, knowingly or unknowingly, used the system.

Although we are glad to announce that thanks to web browsers new security mechanisms and the increasing difficulty of discovering zero-day vulnerabilities the exploit kits, so a downfall line in use was observed during 2017.
Unfortunately, the exploit kits were the only ones that saw a decrease; other treats are on the rise. Multiple new malware families have appeared during 2017, including the botnets IoTroop and Satori that are used over the Internet of Things. Other highly used digital threats were the campaigns of spam and malspam.

Top Malware Families – Overall
1. Roughed with a presence of 16% – Big malvertising campaign that appeared in May and reaches the top in June, affected companies from over 150 countries.
2. CoinHive with a presence of 8.3% – Crypto-miner for Monero cryptocurrency. CoinHive was born in September 2017 and quickly grew in popularity, becoming the “most wanted” malware of the year.
3. Locky with a presence of 7.9% – Crypto-ransomware family that first that first appeared in February 2016, which now is currently on the rise

Top Ransomware Families
1. Locky with a presence of 30% – Was distributed via spam emails containing a downloader that posed as a Word or Zip attachment. The downloader was, in fact, the dropper of Locky crypto-malware that encrypts the user files.
2. Globeimposter with a presence of 26% – Ransomware family that first emerged in May 2017. It’s been distributed through spam campaigns, malvertising, and exploit kits. It encrypts every file with “.crypt” extension.
3. WannaCry with a presence of 15% – This ransomware it is famous for its global outbreak in May 2017. It distributed by exploiting a Windows SMB vulnerability, which allows it to move laterally within and between corporate networks.

Top Banking Malware Families
1. Ramnit 34%– A trojan used to steal banking credentials, FTP passwords, session cookies, and personal data.
2. Zeus 22% – Malware that affects Windows platforms and steals banking information via man-in-the-browser keystroke logging and forms grabbing.
3. Tinba 16% – Is used to steal victims’ credentials using web-injects that are activated as the user attempts to log in to their account on their bank’s website.

Top Mobile Malware Families
1. Hidad 55% – Android malware that repackages legitimate apps to display ads and releases them to a third-party store. Its second use is to access to crucial security details built into the OS and thereby obtains sensitive user data.
2. Triada 8% – Is modular Android backdoor that grants super-user privileges to downloaded malware. It has also been seen spoofing URLs loaded in the browser.
3. Lotoor 8%– Hacking tool that exploits vulnerabilities in Android OS for root privileges.

Top Crypto-Mining Malware
1. CoinHive 52%– CoinHive is a JavaScript cryptocurrency miner that website owners can embed into their site. It then mines for Monero without a site visitor’s knowledge.
2. Cryptoloot 13% – Another JavaScript miner that functions similarly to CoinHive. In fact, bad actors commonly market Cryptoloot as a CoinHive alternative.
3. Coinnebula 8%– Microsoft observed this in-browser miner in several video-streaming websites back in October 2017.

2018 will be more dangerous than 2017, the attacks will be more numerous, and the number of new threats will also go up. At this beginning of the year is recommended for every user to keep its security secure by installing a security system in every device that is connected to the internet.

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