Facebook will face new investigations regarding privacy breaches

The never-ending problems of Facebook just go bigger and are not going to end anytime sooner.
Facebook has already got fined $5 billion as a result of an FTC investigation over privacy violations, but this seems to be just the first of a log string of problems for Facebook because is continuously ignoring users’ privacy.
At the beginning of this week, Facebook has just been hit with three new separate investigations from various governmental authorities: United States, Canada, and Irland.

The United States will investigate Facebook’s email collection scandal.

The New York Attorney General is opening an investigation into Facebook’s unauthorized collection of the email contacts of more than 1.5 million users during site registration without their permission.
This big scandal began last week when it turned out that the social network giant “unintentionally” uploaded email contacts from up to 1.5 million new users on its servers, without their consent or knowledge. Apparently, Facebook used this unorthodox practice to exposed hundreds of millions of Facebook users to targeted advertisements in order to make more money.
This new scandal is not a surprise for anyone; over its entire life existence, Facebook has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of respect for consumer information.

Ireland will investigate Facebook’s plaintext passwords scandal.

Because of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the Irish Data Protection Commission will investigate Facebook’s plaintext passwords scandal, that was exposed last month; when it was revealed that hundreds of millions of passwords of Facebook, Facebook Lite and Instagram were stored in plain text on company servers.
As usual, Facebook tried to hide this too, by reporting that the incident is not a big deal and only some “tens of thousands” passwords of Instagram users were stored in plaintext. But soon after the lie was revealed when cybersecurity experts demonstrated that the actual number of affected Instagram users were not in hundreds of thousands but millions.
It seems that all the exposed passwords were dated back as far as 2012 and were accessible to up to 2,000 Facebook employees.

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Canada will sue Facebook over Cambridge analytica scandal

Canadia will sue Facebook for violating the country’s privacy laws as a result of a Canadian investigation into the March 2018’s Cambridge Analytica. Canadian authorities are saying that Facebook’s poor security practices allowed personal information of hundreds of thousands of Canadians to be used for political purposes.

For those who don’t know, last year, it was revealed that a UK political consultancy Cambridge Analytica harvested data from about 87 million users and then used it for political gain without their knowledge or permission.

Regarding this scandal that Facebook wants to burry as fast as possible, the problems will also not stop here. Canadians are not the only ones that are into this problem, the United States FTC is also starting an investigation over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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