Emails are responsible for one-third of cybersecurity incidents

The weakest link in cybersecurity perimeters of a company are email inboxes; many companies struggle to find a cybersecurity solution that quickly and accurately detects security incidents involving email inboxes. After analyzing results from many penetration tests and ethical hacking results, our cybersecurity researchers found out that one-third of all security incidents start with phishing emails or malicious attachments sent to company employees.

Phishing and emails with malicious attachments together are responsible for about 34 percent of company’s cybersecurity breaches.
Our researchers say that: “Attacks arriving via email are a much bigger pain point for companies. The companies mostly ignore this pain point and we, really don’t know why? Every attack that comes through malicious attachments can be easily evaded by using only best antivirus for Mac or the best antivirus for Windows depending on which OS company devices are running.”

Other significant cybersecurity problems that our report detected:
• Companies were hit by targeted and opportunistic attacks in nearly equal proportion to one another
• Insider threats are responsible for one-fifth of cybersecurity incidents
• Companies that are offering cybersecurity solutions were contacted after the security perimeter was breached in nearly 80 percent of cases
• The most common post-breach action taken by attackers was spreading malware
• During our penetration testing and ethical hacking investigation, only 13 percent of investigations turned out to be false alarms.

This 13 percent of false cybersecurity incidents is surprising; it shows that many many companies struggle with accurately detecting cyber attacks. Many companies don’t know what the difference between a cybersecurity problem and an IT problem is.
Every common cybersecurity problem can be resolved by using a suitable cybersecurity solution like an antivirus. Always invest only in the best Mac antivirus or Windows antivirus because it will make the difference when a cyber attack occurs.