DDoS attack on hospitals delivered a 10-year prison sentence for a hacktivist.

Say no to hacktivist actions! A 34 y.o. the man from Somerville, Massachusetts, named Martin Gottesfeld, has just been sentenced to 10 years in prison for launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against two healthcare organizations in the United States.
The hacktivist says that is as a member of the Anonymous movement. The anon hacker got charged for launching DDoS attacks against the Boston Children’s Hospital and the Wayside Youth and Family Support Network back in 2014.

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Borth cyber attacks affected hospitals that were part of a campaign related to Justina Pelletier, a teen who has been affected by a high-profile custody battle between her parents and the state of Massachusetts.
The dispute was between the Boston Children’s Hospital received diagnosis and Pelletier’s parents in which a judge awarded custody of the teen to the state. Which resulted in Pelletier being moved to Wayside Youth and Family Support Network.

The hacker started its manifest by posting a video on YouTube in the name of Anonymous that was intend to make other hacktivists launch more DDoS attacks on the Boston Children’s Hospital with the hope that Pelletier is released.

An investigation revealed that the DDoS attacks were powered by tens of thousands of bots. The DDoS cyber attack resulted in disruptions not only to the Boston Children’s Hospital, but also several other medical facilities in the Longwood Medical Area.

The total cost of this situation got over $300,000 and also got $300,000 in losses of donations because the attack affected the fundraising portal too.
At first, Gottesfeld wasn’t a suspect but became one a few months after the attacks were launched. As a result, his home was searched and his devices were seized.

In February 2016, he and his wife attempted to flee the country on a small boat, but their action ended with a rescue operation in which a Disney Cruise Ship saved them from the coast of Cuba.
At his return, Gottesfeld was arrested and convicted for conspiracy to damage protected computers and damaging protected computers.
He is now sentenced to 121 months in prison and ordered to pay a $443,000 in damages.

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