Most dangerous malware threats

Crypto-mining malware is affecting about 23% of companies available worldwide. The Coinhive variants will grow even more in 2018.
In our top 10 most prolific malware threats there are three crypto-mining code variants. Coinhive is infecting one in five companies, JSEcoin a JavaScript miner that can be embedded in websites is fifth on our list and PC malware Cryptoloot is placed on ninth.

Coinhive is the most famous and prolific malware, and that’s why it is first on top, it can perform online mining of Monero cryptocurrency when a user visits a web page. Its JavaScript steals CPU power from users to mine coins. Coinhive was first advertised as a legitimate service for webmasters that are willing to ditch advertising for crypto coins. This service was soon spotted by cybercriminals who managed to take advantage of it by embedding the code in sites without the permission of owners or visitors to use it for mining Monero.

The crypto-mining malware had spiked in the past three months regarding its presence in cyber attacks against companies. Such malware have two great qualities: it has a sizeable lucrative revenue stream, and it is also tough to protect against it because it stays most of the time hidden.

Other well-known threats on our list are Fireball that is in second place, and it is specialized in fake sear results or homepages that will merely redirect the victims to or to generate ad revenue.
Third on the list is Rig Exploit Kit, and it is affecting over 17% companies globally. This malware delivers exploits for Flash, Java, Silverlight and Internet Explorer.
If you are wondering who is the most prolific one on the mobile network, we have the answer too: Lokibot, which is an Android banking Trojan that steals banking information and it can also be turned into ransomware that locks the infected phone.

Triada and Hiddad are on the second and third place of mobile malware top. Triada is a modular backdoor for Android that uses superuser privileges to download other payloads. Hiddad is a trojan tool that is infecting legitimate apps then releasing them to third-party stores.
Every threat presented in this article can be easily avoided by installing an antivirus solution on every device that is connected to the internet.

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Most of the companies don't care about cybersecurity until they suffer a breach.
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A penetration test can be done either by a security specialist from inside of the company or by hiring an external cyber security company who can take care of everything.
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