CyberByte ’s CEO Madalin Dumitru to Participate in AMTSO’s Meeting and the Virus Bulletin Conference 2019 in London

CyberByte, a company which is part of the CyberSmartDefence group of companies todayannounced that the company’s CEO Madalin Dumitru would represent the company at AMTSO meeting and the Virus bulletin conference in London. These events are necessary in order for the company to catch up with the latest industry trends and regulations.

AMTSO known as the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization is a community of over 60 security and testing companies from around the world. It’s essentially a coalition of organizations with interest in improving anti-malware testing. They create objective standards and best practices for testing of anti-malware and related products. AMTSO holds regular member board meetings, in varied locations around the world to cater to its global membership. These meetings are held to discuss the latest trend in malware and other security issues. 

In its 29th year, the annual Virus Bulletin International Conference (VB2019) is one of the most international threat intelligence events of the year, focusing on the sharing of intelligence between researchers and analysts, product managers and CISOs from around the world.Attendees and conference partners represent security vendors, industry, law enforcement, NGOs, and universities from around the world. 

Set to be held 2-4 October 2019 at the Novotel London West hotel in London, UK. VB2019 will attract some of the best speakers in the cyber security field.  VB2019 will cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to APTs, botnets, malware analysis, research tools, software testing, cybercrime, and ethics.

CyberByte’s CEO, Madalin Dumitru noted how industry events benefit not only his personal development but the growth and development of CyberByte. For this reason, he has revealed how he will attend these events with the mission of absorbing as much as possible during proceedings, to report back to the company with plenty of useful pointers. “This kind of event is a great opportunity to be updated, and I always plan to take in as much as I can, and then pass this inspiration on to the brilliant workforce of the company.These events are important listening avenues where we can all network and pick up on the latest industry trends and regulations.”