Cyber-Criminals earn more than a CEO every month

The most prolific cyber-criminals make around 2 million dollars per year, which is comparable to the salary of an FTSE CEO.
A report was done, based on interviews given by convicted cyber-criminals, data from international law enforcers, financial institutions, and the Dark Web.

The study concluded that even mid-level hackers earn as much as $900,000 annually which is more than double of the US presidential salary.
Entry-level hackers are making over $40,000 annually, which is more than a UK university graduate.
The research was made to highlight one of the problems which are affecting IT industry: because of the relatively low salaries, there will always be a significant minority which is potentially prepared to seek employment on the other side of the law.

Many hacker groups exist in the world so don’t let your guard down, installing an antivirus for Windows or antivirus for Mac, depending on which OS your device is running, represents a must nowadays. Besides this, every financial institution must hire a cybersecurity firm that will lunch, on purpose, various attacks on institution’s network to reveal its flaws. This kind of deliberate attacks is done through specialized cybersecurity tests like penetration test and ethical hacking tests.

The issue affects the public sector and law enforcement, where austerity cuts mean forces can’t offer competitive salaries.
It is easy to understand why so many individuals are switching sides because now a National Crime Agency (NCA) trainee officer is earning about £23-£25,000 per year.
These days the UK is concentrating on draft volunteers to help with policing cybercrime.

Cybercrime is nowadays a lucrative business, which has relatively low risks compared to other forms of crime. Cyber-criminals are rarely caught and convicted because they are virtually invisible. Many hackers further monetize their business allowing anyone to buy pre-packaged malware or hire hackers on demand.

To overcome this big cybersecurity problem the cybersecurity industry, business and law enforcement agencies need to come together.
We must focus on new methods of cybersecurity that protect rather than detect, only then we believe cybercrime will become a lot harder.

Until then remember that the presence of antivirus for Windows or antivirus for Mac in every system depending on which OS it is running represents a must. Also remember that tests like penetration test and ethical hacking tests are now available for any company that wants to tighten their security and if your business exists 100% online, we recommend the use of cyber-secured web hosting services.

Our report also found what cyber-criminals like to do with their illicit gains: 50% look to invest in property, art or legitimate financial instruments, others 30% put that money back into IT equipment the last 20% spend their money on drugs, prostitutes and other things they like.