Cryptojacking is the most common cybercrime in 2018

The most significant cybersecurity problem of 2018 is swiping computer processing power through a web browser to illicitly mine cryptocurrency.
Many people who streamed the TV drama Billions last fall unknowingly helpt cybercriminals to develop a real-life financial chica­nery. The cybersecurity incident is simple: while they watched, a malicious script on the Showtime website directed their PCs to engage in mining operations for altcoins like Monero digital currency.

If you are willingly doing currency mining on your machine is perfectly legit. You’re solving gnarly math problems to verify transactions, and in return, you receive some new coins.
The cybersecurity problem here was that the Showtime crypto jacker hijacked CPUs of unsuspecting viewers and used their spare cycles to do the mining. This way of mining is Not Legit!

To take care of your device resources and power, you have to install a cybersecurity solution on your system. This cybersecurity solution is only offered by a Mac antivirus or a Windows antivirus, depending on which OS your system is running.

Cybercriminals choose to cause this cybersecurity problem because they can pick so many pockets at once that the cost per victim is minimal: a fraction of a cent in electricity and only a slight dip in computer performance.

Browser-based mining isn’t all dangerous: The script was created by a company called Coinhive as a revenue alternative to ads on websites. Charities have used it to collect donations. It might even be a new model for micropayments, letting us opt into swapping processor time for content or services.

Unfortunately, that’s also what makes crypto jacking so hard to stop: It trades on our apathy, and we’ve got plenty of that to spare.

Every crypto jacking problem can be easily evaded by a good cybersecurity solution. Just download mac antivirus or download windows antivirus depending on which OS do you use, and all your crypto jacking problems will end.