Coinhive has three million customers of its silent miner

Not many sites are using Coinhive as an alternative to annoying ads. Coinhive is controversial JavaScript crypto-mining package that requires end-users’ consent to run.
Only a third of crypto mining-using websites get their users’ consent, meaning that many websites are illegally using your device computing power to mine crypto coins. This mining process can cause many cybersecurity problems because it is not only done through websites, the mining process can be done through specialized malware as well. But there is good news for everyone: a robust cybersecurity solution like an antivirus can protect your device form both mining option.

In the case of websites: Cryptomining use visitors’ computers to mine for the Monero cryptocurrency as they surf a site. In other cases, like we previously said the mining process is covert, by using mining malware infections. Publishers can also run mining scripts without explicitly telling users about their efforts and in some occasions publishers formally tell visitors they’re helping it to raise funds by running mining code.

Remember that any cybersecurity problem can be avoided if a robust cybersecurity solution is used. A robust cybersecurity solution is, for example, an antivirus for Windows or antivirus for Mac, depending on which OS your device runs.