Bank robbery will be soon 100% done inside the cyberspace

The days when you could run from police with bags full of cash are dead. Roughly because of two reasons the money you can steal is not nearly as close as the cash you can make from stealing crypto coins.

Recently a theft of US$64 million in crypto coins was made which can be translated in 2,000 pounds of gold bars or 1,450 pounds in $100 bills.

The robbery was made by cyber-attacking the NiceHash mining marketplace from where cybercriminals managed to steal a lot of bitcoins.
As an example, the Guinness Book of World Record of money theft from a bank is around $70 million from a bank in Brazil, and the biggest from USA history is not nearly close around $30 million US dollars.

This is why you should protect yourself because bank robbery is done almost 100% online these days.
Nowadays bank robbers don’t have to worry about transporting stolen goods, fleeing the crime scene, digging or blowing things up and there is no physical danger. Large criminal groups are now gone, nowadays a smart cybercriminal can hack a bank and make a 10000 dollars account look like 100000 dollars account and then transfer 90000 dollars to his account without leaving any trace and suspicion.

Another threat to your crypto coins is Ponzi schemes. The most significant theft made from such scheme was done by Bitcoin Savings & Trust (BST) who offered 7 percent interest per week to investors. In 2012 it was closed, and its crypto banker named pirateat40 disappeared with 500,000 BTC worth 5.6 million dollars at that time.

Hacking remains the top choice when it comes to crypto coins theft back in September 2011 MtGox hot wallet private keys were stolen by merely stealing the wallet.dat file. This file gave the cybercriminals the opportunity to steal any crypto coins from inside the wallets. This theft was discovered late in 2014, time in which the cybercriminals made a fortune.

Man in the middle attack come in handy too if a cyber crook wants your coins. This type of attack is not something new. Some cybercriminal managed to steal using a Tor proxy the Bitcoin from both ransomware authors and victims. This was done by intercepting the traffic and replacing the Bitcoin addresses that victims and ransomware cybercriminals used with his wallet addresses.

Cryptojacking does not steal your coins, instead is used to produce coins with your CPU power. Cybercriminals developed many malware software that hijacks your device and uses its CPU power to mine crypto coins. The miners can be delivered to victims by advertisements, bundlers, browser extensions, and Trojans. Is hard to predict how much money are they making for the cybercriminals.

If you, like many others, are attracted by crypto coins world, please read and follow this advice very carefully:
• Don’t store all your coins in one place.
• Always research every company business with. A little background check on the company and its execs will never hurt anyone.
• Use only the money you can spare into the crypto coins world.
• Always protect your device with the best cybersecurity solution like firewall or antivirus before entering the crypto coins world.

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