Atlanta Ransomware Attack

FBI is investigating a ransomware cyber attack that took place in the city of Atlanta. This new cybersecurity problem shut down all city government systems leaving Atlanta exposed and vulnerable to other cyber attacks.

In 2017, WannaCry, NotPetya, and BadRabbit taught us that ransomware attacks could be devastating for companies and consumers. For example, NotPetya alone did damages to companies totaling 1.2 billion dollars. In 2017, alone, companies and individuals have paid more than $10 billion in ransoms.
This cybersecurity problem could have been easily avoided by implementing a cybersecurity solution inside every device, so don’t let your guard down depending of which OS your device is running it is mandatory to install an antivirus for Windows or antivirus for Mac.

If you are a company the install of antivirus is only the first layer of security, you must contract a cybersecurity company that will carry some advance cybersecurity tests to your company networks, like penetration tests, and ethical hacking tests.

This is the best cybersecurity pieces of advice for companies that want to prevent future ransomware cyber attacks:
1. Always update and backup your important files regularly and verify that the backups can be restored.
2. Do not use pirated software or download paid software offered for free.
3. Don’t download anything that came from shady sources.
4. Don’t use or download any keygen, password cracking or license check removal software
5. Don’t open or download any email attachments from unknown or unexpected senders
6. Install and use at least one cybersecurity solution like an anti-malware or an anti-ransomware tool

Ransomware attacks represent reality for all major companies, and unfortunately, this kind of cyber attacks will keep coming. However, there are steps companies can take to protect and secure themselves which includes adopting a top cybersecurity solution like an antivirus, implementing robust procedures for patching software and technologies against security vulnerabilities and hiring a specialized cybersecurity firm that would run extra tests like penetration test and ethical hacking test on their network. Maintaining a routine like this closes potential holes in company infrastructure.

Ransomware spreads like wildfire and is the most time critical of cyber threats. The ability to detect the pre-cursor behaviors if ransomware is the only way to get ahead of the attack. Unfortunately, that’s almost impossible to do if you are unprotected. To be safe and secured against ransomware like this, depending on which version of OS your device runs, please install an antivirus for Windows or antivirus for Mac.