Android cyberspace is flooded with copycat fake WhatsApp apps

Yesterday researchers published a report about a fake antivirus for Android, not even 24 hours later it was found another fake Android app named WhatsApp Plus which is nothing more than a variant of Android, which steals information, photos, phone numbers and so on from the victims mobile phone.

Fake WhatsApp app is usually found in third-party app stores since mid-2017. However, the newest version is notable in that its pathology indicates a copycat phenomenon occurring among malware developers.
Companies and individual people must take certain precautions against this growing copycat phenomenon; they should implement at least a cybersecurity solution, like an antivirus, to protect their systems. Necessary things like regularly updating operating systems, using antivirus for Windows, an antivirus for Mac, or antivirus for Android, depending on which OS your device is using. Companies must also hire professional cybersecurity firms to do regular checkups to their internal network a couple of times per year. These checkups must always include a penetration test and various ethical hacking test.

Once installed the malware tells users that their app is out of date and offers a download link. Once the link is clicked, users are taken to a webpage written entirely in Arabic. The page calls the app “Watts Plus Plus WhatsApp” and purports to be developed by someone named Abu.
Researchers have run a malware analysis and look into its code and found that it has abilities to hide in various ways thanks to a very spy-like behavior. This new variant has the same incriminating Android code found within the receivers, services, and activities of existing fake WhatsApp APKs. The only difference between this version and others lays in the code that points to the Arabic webpage. This kind of copycat apps has reached a pandemic level, after analyzing several different versions of this kind of app, researchers found out that all have different URLs from which to update, meaning that everyone is just copycatting the source code and adding their update website.

Keep in mind that every phone represents a network entry point or a valuable data bank that must be protected by at least cybersecurity solution like an antivirus. Depending on which OS your device is running please install an antivirus for Windows, an antivirus for Mac, or antivirus for Android for total protection. Companies must take an extra step and hire a professional cybersecurity firm that will run various cybersecurity tests on your company’s network to implement only the best possible cybersecurity solution. Always opt for a package that includes at least a penetration test and ethical hacking test. For companies that exist 100% online, we recommend the using of cyber-secured web hosting services.