In 2018 Bitcoin is still the leader in the cryptocurrency market, but alternative coins are growing fast

Almost 1,500 cryptocurrencies are currently in circulation, and some of them are going for the top like Monero, Zcash, and Ethereum.
Cybersecurity solution offering companies warn every user that cybercriminals are using various methods to defraud individuals hoping to strike it rich. Cybersecurity is facing newly developed schemes to defraud those looking to profit from the growth in cryptocurrencies every day. The most common and notorious methods used by cybercriminals are account takeovers, mining fraud, and initial coin offering (ICO) scams. Most of this method succeed thanks to powerful malware options that can be stopped only by using antivirus solutions. This is why any investment in crypto coins must be backed-up by the best antivirus for mac or best antivirus for windows, depending on which OS a person utilize.

Account takeovers are a frequent problem for cybersecurity especially on crypto coins market where the combination of Bitcoin’s price hike and increased speculation are attracting more and more investors and cybercriminals every day. Cybercriminals are now selling access to these accounts online, including on criminal forums and paste sites. They gain customer account details through phishing and credential stuffing, this technique has served them well in other criminal activity in the past and is mostly used on a system that doesn’t have a cybersecurity solution like an antivirus installed on them.

Mining fraud is another frequent problem for cybersecurity; the most notorious campaign now is the Golf Rush where individuals mined for gold themselves. Mining represents the process used to validate cryptocurrency transactions. Miners, or the operators of mining machines, receive digital coins as a reward for contributing to the integrity of the system. Any device that is connected to the internet can be transformed into a miner botnet by using malware software. This is why an antivirus must be present all the time inside every device, so if you are using macOS consider download mac antivirus solutions or if you are using Windows OS consider download windows antivirus if you don’t want to produce profit for cybercriminals.

Initial coin offering (ICO) scams: ICOs are a way of crowdfunding cryptocurrencies. But as consumers rush to be the first to invest in a promising new cryptocurrency, their investments can instead go into the account of criminals.

As long as targets exist, cybercriminals will continue to find new ways creating cybersecurity flaws. But there are cybersecurity solutions that companies, consumers, and exchanges can take to protect themselves against such cybersecurity flaws like cryptocurrency fraud. Here are just a couple of recommendations for each.

Companies and users should:
● Authenticate cloud services like Amazon WorkSpace (AWS)/
● Blacklist C2 domains used by cryptocurrency botnets and mining tools.
● Hire a cybersecurity company that offers good quality cybersecurity solution and perform a various penetration test on the company network to ensure that the company technicians are knowing the cybersecurity flaws first and not the hackers.
Consumers should:
● Research before investing in new cryptocurrencies always look out for red flags such as sites or sellers with unsolicited offers, or coins that guarantee high returns.
● Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA), on any online accounts used to handle cryptocurrencies.
● Download mac antivirus or Download windows antivirus depending on which system do you have installed

Exchanges should:
● Guard against credential stuffing software like Sentry MBA, Vertex and Account Hitman.
● Look for phishing sites. DNS Twist is a python script that can find phishing sites.
● Also, they too must hire a cybersecurity company that offers excellent quality cybersecurity solution and performs a various penetration test on their exchange platform to ensure that the platform technicians know every cybersecurity problem first.

Regarding all three group! Always follow the golden rule: Never leave a device unprotected without a cybersecurity solution! If you are using Windows install the best antivirus for windows and if you are using macOS install the best antivirus for mac.